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condenser tube inspection tube leak condenser leakage

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We can supply you need condenser tube inspection tube leak condenser leakage.

Aspects of Failure of Condenser tubes and their Remedial

The very nature of the condenser tends to increase a problem with cooling water leakage, in that the condensate side of the condenser operates in a vacuum and thus any leak in a tube wall or other connection will allow cooling water to be drawn into, and contaminate, the pure condensate. Comparing Leak Detection Methods for Power Generation Jan 15, 2015 · In addition, the cost of a high-end ultrasound detector required for condenser leak detection is less than a helium leak detection system and requires less training. In many power plants where ultrasound is deployed, a technician is used full time to scan the condenser, exchanger and multiple other systems for ultrasound.

Comparing Leak Detection Methods for Power Generation

Jan 15, 2015 · When a vacuum leak occurs in the condenser, noncondensable gases are introduced and must be vented. The gases increase the operating pressure, thereby reducing the turbine output and efficiency. The gases also decrease the heat transfer of the steam to the coolant and can cause corrosion in the generator. Current Test Methods to Detect Leaks Condenser Leak Testing HVS Leak Detection Detection Quickly locating and repairing condenser inefficiencies such as tube & tube sheet fouling, circulating water in-leakage and excess air in-leakage can generate huge savings. A small leak that increases plant suction pressure by.1 inch Hg over design rating pressure can cost an additional.92 barrels of fuel each houror 22.08 barrels each day. Condenser:Functions, Types, Air Leakage and Efficiency The condenser has high vacuum, therefore air leakage occurs in the condenser. The main sources of air leakage in the condenser are:(i) Leakage of air from atmosphere at the joints of the parts which are at pressure less than atmospheric pressure. (ii) Air is coming from the boiler along with steam.

Find Condenser Tube Leaks with Ultrasound

a tube leak is present. Disregard the area between 1/9 and 1/12 as this was the area that the Unit was offline and the condenser tube side was filled with water and dye. Just look at the Figure 5 - Gradual increases in Sodiam (Green) and Silica (Red) indicate leaking tubes. Inside Power Station:Condenser Tube Leak.The first indication of a tube leak will come from the change in conductivity or chemical analysis of the condensate out of the hot-well. The sampling connection can be brought into service to draw off samples of condensate from particular sections of the condenser to locate and isolated the section with the offending tube bundle. Leak Checking a Water-Cooled Condenser 2013-06-03 ACHRNEWSJun 03, 2013 · The leak was finally found simply by placing the electronic detector near the water drain area for the water-cooled condenser. The technician never thought that the double-tube condenser may be the suspect because of its rugged construction. The double-tube condenser will have to be replaced because of the leaking inside tube.

Leak Detectors and Tube Testing Equipment

Heat exchanger leak detectors are the easiest way to check your heat exchanger, condenser or other tubular pressure vessels for leaks in just seconds. Accurately pinpoint the leaking tube that's causing costly downtime the first time you leak test, every time you leak test. MAINTENANCE OF HEAT EXCHANGERS CONDENSERSThe two methods used to seal leaks in tubes and where tubes pass through tube sheets are :1. Plugging and 2. Welding. Plugging is generally done to seal a leak within a tube; plugs are inserted into each end of the leaking tube so that there is no flow through the tube. Tubes may be welded to seal leaks between tubes Off-line Leak Detection For Condenser & Heat Exchanger TubesLeak Detection Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD) The Vacuum Leak Detector (VLD) is a simple test instrument used by manufacturers and users of condensers, heat exchangers, and other tubular apparatus to identify leaking tubes from 1/4 to 3-inch (6.4 - 76.2mm) Outer Diameter.

Taming Condenser Tube Leaks, Part I - POWER Magazine

Sep 01, 2010 · Protect Your Steam Turbine. For the majority of plants that use condenser cooling water, a condenser tube leak means a drop in boiler pH. For many units, control of the boiler pH is Techniques to detected a Condenser Leak AMP May 23, 2010 · We had instruments to determine chloride ppm in the condensate, so we knew as soon as there was a tube leak. But to find a leaking tube in a set of 1100 or 1200 tubes was, as you can imagine, painfully slow. Worse, after plugging the leaker and re-commissioning, another leak occurred with a few days. Then another condenser leaked shortly after Tube Leak Detection - Hennigan EngineeringHennigan Engineering and our customers recoginize that Condenser and Heat Exchanger Tube leakage can cause many operating system issues. A Tube leak can be as simple as leading to poor operating performance or can be as significant as introducing contamination into plant systems.

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Dec 18, 2014 · Foam Tube Leak Testing. The foam tube testing method uses foaming liquid and a spraying device to coat both sides of a condenser or heat exchanger tube sheet. The foam is spread across the face of the tube sheet to cover each tube. Leaking tubes are identified when the foam is sucked from the tube sheet and down the length of the tube. Tube Leakage!! [Archive] - Refrigeration-Engineer forumsJan 11, 2013 · Hello everyone!! We have a chiller unit installed with a screw compressor. Recently we have done plugged the copper tubes and did the pressure test. The pressure was holded up for a day. Started the compressor with new expansion valve and drier, but the new tubes have been leaked only after 3 days. What can be the possible causes of tubes leakage ? Tube Plugging Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs Curtiss-Wright Rapid preparation and plugging for heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes. EST Group offers a complete line of heat exchanger, boiler and condenser tube plugs designed for quickly preparing and plugging leaking and degraded heat exchanger, condenser and boiler tubes.

Underground Pipe Testing for leakage with Helium Mass

Sep 18, 2015 · The power plant personnel knew that we could perform helium leak detection with a mass spectrometer on condenser systems, condenser tubes, and pressurized systems such as hydrogen cooled generators. The thought then was to use the same process of mass spectrometry leak detection, but on an underground piping system. Condenser Leak Detection - RetubeCoRetubeCo provides expert leak detection services to uncover both tube leaks, and air inleakage in and around your steam condenser or generator. Depending on the characteristics of your leak, our crew will mobilize with the appropriate technology to locate the leak, and at your option, provide immediate corrective action.

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We can supply you need condenser tube inspection tube leak condenser leakage.